Who We Are

CubePad provides an end-to-end, mobile and web, smart investment back-office that can be tailor made for any businesses individual needs. Securely and easily discover more in the new area of a shared global economy.

Our Solution

Hybrid & Alternative Models

Covers complex hybrid equity & lending financing models in addition to traditional debt, equity, and philanthropy.

Any Person on any Device

Anywhere, anytime on Web & Mobile Web, Android, iOS, and Tablet applications.

Collaborative and Sector Agnostic

Partnered with the banking and philanthropic sectors, CubePad serves the needs of Investors, Non-Profits, Businesses, and Communities; from Large Cap to Microfinancing.

Powerful Expert Network

Benefit from a worldwide network of experts that empowers smart due diligence for your investments.

Real-Time Reporting & Results

Accurate real-time reporting on project funding goals, status, performance, and results.

Reduced Risk, Compliance, & Security

Proactive and thorough system auditing ensures robust compliance risk management and flexible adjustment to regulatory changes. Powerful security, privacy and anonymity.

Core Partnerships

Powered by our partners in the banking, non-profit, and philanthropic sectors for scalable peer-to-peer funding solutions.

Key Features

Hybrid Investing

Integrated equity, debt, philanthropic and traditional models.

Strong Partnerships

Partnerships with banking and with the non-profit sector for a strong and local foundation.

Diversified Portfolios

Build the investment portfolio that suits your risk tolerance and performance needs.

Smart Due Diligence

Allowing you to identify trending projects, investments and supportive materials.

Secure Information

Personal financial information is fully encrypted, and the communication with your collaboration partners is guaranteed in secure deal rooms.

Knowledge & Research

Search for experts in the form of fellow investors and entrepreneurs, identify key influencers and investment partners using CubePad’s social and communication tools.

Data Driven Notifications

Real time updates on one’s funding status and investment performance.

Intelligent Tools

Discover investments by projected IRR, funding terms, capitalization, geolocation, equity models and more.

Regulatory Compliance

Complete auditing, protection, and flexibility for current and future regulatory needs.


Protect the customer enterprise and mobile applications, as well as devices with partner mobile solutions.

The Future of Financing

CubePad is a new kind of secure, transparent, and versatile investment platform that gives individual investors, enterprises and non-profits a powerful way to discover new opportunities, conduct due diligence, collaborate and fund investments. From large scale, international investments to micro-financing and peer-to-peer funding, CubePad not only addresses the global market’s crowdfunding and peer-to-peer needs, but is also specifically designed to handle the hybrid and alternative equity models, anywhere anytime.